The story of ReactiveUniverse begins in 2015, where we organized the first ReactiveConf for 500 guests in just 90 days. We were a bunch of developers and tech enthusiasts who simply wanted to spread the word about this new and exciting web framework called React. We have come a long way since then. We branched out from our dev company, Vacuumlabs, and are currently organizing a slew of activities all across the CEE and  DACH regions.

ReactiveConf is our flagship event. Over the last five years, we have attracted an increasing number of speakers from some of the industry’s biggest movers and shakers and our audiences have tripled in size. Today we host around 1,400 participants. The three-day ReactiveConf, held in Prague since 2018, features 3 stages, some 20 workshops, and roughly 60 speakers.

Throughout the year, we support local developer communities in Central Europe, Germany, and Austria through meetups, hackathons, Lightning Cup talks and other events. To date, we have hosted more than 100 different events, with more than 5,000 participants.

Our mission

Connecting the European tech community with the latest global insights in web & mobile development through meaningful connections and shared experiences.

ReactiveUniverse is about all bleeding-edge technologies

We provide a snapshot of what to expect next in web and mobile development. Spoiler alert: React isn’t our only great love. We dabble in topics like ReasonML, Webpack, Elm, Clojure, RxJS, TypeScript, and GraphQL, among others.

Why we do what we do

That’s easy — we see tremendous potential in bridging the gap between tech and business.  We deeply believe that #Sharing is caring.

Our team

We were born in Vacuumlabs.

We started as a side-project of a then Slovak-based fintech engineering company called Vacuumlabs and have since spun out to be our own organization with our own mission and goals.


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