Welcome to your guide to ReactiveConf 2019, Prague

1 Pre-arrival Information

1.1. Accommodation

There are various possibilities for your accommodation: you can stay close to the venue: Venue Oriented location map link; or you can stay in the beautiful city center of Prague (it’s a little more expensive): City Center location map link. If none of these options suit you, can stay at any suburb area of the city–this is a cost friendly option. 

Accommodation pricing follows one simple rule: the closer to the city center, the more expensive. There are various hotels available and abundance of AirBnB listings.

Please note: we highly recommend using metro for your transportation needs during your stay in Prague.

ReactiveConf accomodation tips >>  Hotel Galerie Royale, Charles Central Hotel, 3D Apartments, Adeba Hotel use ReactiveConf 2019 for 10% | Hotel Florence use ReactiveConf10% |

(Every attendee will receive a free transportation ticket which can be used for the bus, tram or metro during the ReactiveConf event. This ticket is valid from 29th October until 02nd November.) 

1.2. Currency

What currency to carry? 

The Czech Republic is a European Union member state, but like neighbouring Poland, the Czech Republic does not use the Euro. The Czech Crown koruna (CZK) is the national currency of the Czech Republic.

1 USD/EURO = 25 CZK (approx.) 

When should you exchange? 

1.2.1 Exchange When You Arrive

This is an option if you have a common currency like the US dollar or Euro. You will receive a favourable exchange rate for both USD and EUR.

Please note: DO NOT exchange your money at the airport as the exchanges don’t have competitive rates. Wait until you get into Prague center as there is a competition amongst the currency exchanges resulting in a much fairer rate.

1.2.2. Exchange Before You Leave Home

Please note: this is the safest way.

Arriving in Prague with bills in hand means no stress, no pain. However, there is a drawback you will most likely receive a poor exchange rate. The Koruna is not an international currency and banks outside of the Czech Republic do not hold it in abundance, hence the unfavorable exchange rates.

1.2.3. Use an ATM Machine When You Arrive In Prague

This is also very safe. The only drawback is that you are not getting the best rate. There is usually a service charge for using a foreign ATM, but you should check with your bank to make sure. 

1.3. Weather

Winter is coming, the weather continues to cool down in Prague during October. 

The temperature in the city averages around 11.5 °C with 16 °C during the daytime and 7 °C after dark. There is also a slight chance (around 30 %) for moderate rains, so make sure you come prepared.

1.4. Health

Prague has appropriate Western-style medical clinics with English-speaking doctors and dentists. All major hospitals accept credit cards or cash as a method of payment. Private specialists usually expect cash, although some private facilities also accept credit cards. A foreigner’s clinic is available in ‘Nemocnice na Homolce’  (Tel: +420 257 271 111) hospital in Prague .

Please note: make sure your health insurance plan provides abroad coverage. If not, we highly recommend a supplemental insurance depending on your current plan. Please do not underestimate the importance of health insurance coverage abroad.

1.5. Law

First of all, if no one tempers with your moral compass you should be alright ☺ However, if you notice anything dangerous or suspicious during the event, please do not hesitate to contact anyone from the staff. 

You are subject to local laws after entering the Czech Republic. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, arrested or imprisoned. 

Please note: always carry your ID during your stay to validate your identity upon request (for example to the local police), do not DUI (drunk driving) as the Czech Republic has a strict zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving and do not sell, posses, or use illicit drugs that are against the law in the country.

1.6. Safety and Security

The Czech Republic generally has little crime. However, you should still take some precautions against becoming a victim of a crime. 

Here are all the important numbers in the case of need: Emergencies: dial 112 Police: dial 158 Firefighters: dial 150

1.7. Food

Although Czech cuisine is not as fancy as you might expect, it is incredibly delicious. Treat yourself with a plate of goulash bread dumplings and gravy and you should be content for at least a week. If not, repeat the process 🙂

2 Traveling Arrangements

2.1. Entry Exit Visa

Typically, visas are not required when visiting the Czech Republic for a shorter period than 90 days, although some nationalities will need a Schengen Visa. Tourists should always keep documents such as passports on them as they may be required to validate their identity. 

Citizens of the EU countries can stay in the Czech Republic indefinitely and do not need a visa.

2.2. Travel Arrangements

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic It’s easily accessible by plane from most major cities around the world. If you are living in the nearby region, it is easily accessible by bus or train. 

2.3. Plane

Flying to PRG airport (Vaclav Havel Airport Prague): The airport is located approximately 17 kilometers from the city center (Wenceslas Square).

There are several ways how to get to the city center: a Private Pickup / Uber / Public transport / Shuttle bus.

2.3.1 Private pickup
Costs 22 €

  • private driver with excellent English and knowledge of Prague,
  • drivers monitor the flight schedule and manage accordingly,
  • driver awaits you with a welcome sign at the terminal exit.

2.3.2. Uber
Cost of UberPOP is ~22€

  • drivers are usually waiting within a 5-minute distance of the airport, so the waiting period is quite short,
  • you might get to chase the driver around the parking lot,
  • drivers’ quality varies and prices may go up during the rush hours.

2.3.3. Public transport
Costs 32 CZK (~1.25 €) 

  • the bus station is right in front of the Terminal 2 (Exit D),
  • a bus goes every 6 minutes and operates from 4:23 AM to 23:42 PM (last bus),
  • take bus number 119 to ‘Nadraži Veleslavin’ and switch to the metro line A (green color on the legend) and continue to the downtown ‘Mustek’ or any other downtown station. 

2.3.4. Shuttle Bus
Costs 11 € 

  • a shuttle bus will get you from the airport directly to your hotel or apartment,
  • the ride takes from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of stops and traffic,
  • if you are traveling with more than 2 people, we advise to take a private pickup or Uber. 

2.4. Train or Bus

If you are travelling by train, you will arrive to the ‘Main Railway Station’. Travelling by bus, you will arrive to the ‘Florenc Bus Station’. Both stations are situated on the red metro line “C”. 

Metro stop closest to the ‘Main Railway Station’ is called ‘Hlavní Nádraží’ and the closest metro stop to the Bus station is called ‘Florenc’. 

Please note: we highly recommend using metro for your transportation needs during your stay in Prague.

3 Arriving to Prague

3.1 Prague pre-arrival checklist

  • ReactiveConf ticket receipt 
  • Workshop ticket receipt (optional) 
  • Booked accommodation 
  • Exchanged currency (optional) 
  • Visa (if required) 
  • Insurance (if required)

3.2. Free Public Transport!

Every attendee will receive a free transportation ticket which can be used for the bus, tram or metro during the ReactiveConf event. This ticket is valid from 29th October until 02nd November.

Please note: make sure you get a transportation ticket first thing after arriving in Prague before you claim your badge with a free city ticket. A single-day ticket (just to get to the ReactiveConf 2019) will let you switch between the entire public transportation system unlimited times until its expiration. A ticket valid for 90 minutes costs ~1.25 € (32 CZK) and you can use it for the bus, tram or subway. You can buy it at the Ticket Machine with CZK change or credit card. 

Please note: we highly recommend using metro for your transportation needs during your stay in Prague. 

3.3 Person of contact / ReactiveConf matter

If there is something disturbing happening to you or you see something happening to anyone at the event, please reach out to our team members, volunteers or people at the help desk located at the venue. 

You can also reach us through or contact Sunethra, our Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, at

Please note: under our zero tolerance policy, any violation of Code of Conduct by any attendee results in an immediate exclusion from ReactiveConf. 

3.4. Claiming the badge

Please note: make sure you have a ticket receipt with QR code with you before claiming your badge.

Please note: if you are coming to pick up your friend’s badge, you will need your friend’s ID (or its copy) and a ticket receipt with QR code. 

Badge pickup location: Forum Karlín – Pernerova 51, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czech Republic 

Tuesday, October 29 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Wednesday, October 30 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Thursday, October 31 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM 

3.5. What time? Where are the Venues?

ReactiveConf 2019 registration and opening schedule is as follows:

1st and 2nd Conference Day 

Wednesday, October 30th – 1st Conference day Venue: Forum Karlín – Pernerova 51, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czech Republic

Registration opens at 8:00am

Program Opening at 9:45am 

Thursday, October 31st – 2nd Conference day Venue: Forum Karlín – Pernerova 51, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czech Republic

Registration opens at 8:30am

Program Opening at 9:55am 

Festival Day – 3rd Conference Day


FINAL STAGE (former discovery stage) 
Venue: Socialbakers offices (next to Forum Karlin venue)
Location: Pernerova 53, 186 00  Prague 8-Karlín, Czech Republic

Door open – 9:00am
Program Opening – 10:00

Venue: Apiary offices (opposite to Forum Karlin venue)
Location: Pernerova 49, 186 00 Prague 8-Karlin, Czech Republic

Door open – 9:00am
Program Opening – 10:00

Venue: Economia offices (opposite to Forum Karlin venue)
Location: Pernerova 47, 186 00 Prague 8-Karlín, Czech Republic

Door open – 9:00am
Program Opening – 10:00

WORKSHOPS  (in 3 separate buildings)
– look for sticker at your badge and location on the Festival Day map

Venue: Socialbakers offices
Location: Pernerova 53, 186 00  Prague 8-Karlín, Czech Republic
Workshops held: #W1, #W2, #W11, #W12 

Morning workshop registration (#W1, #W2):   8:30-9:00
Afternoon workshop registration (#W11, #W12): 12:30-13:00

Venue: Economia offices
Location: Pernerova 47, 186 00 Prague 8-Karlín, Czech Republic
Workshops held  #W3, #W4, #W5, #W13

Morning workshop registration(#W3, #W4, #W5):  8:30-9:00
Afternoon workshop registration(#W13): 12:30-13:00

Venue: Nangu TV offices
Location: Pernerova 42, 186 00 PRague 8-Karlin, Czech Republic
Workshops held : #W6, #W7, #W8, #W9, #W10, #W14, #W15, #W16, #W17

Morning workshop registration (#W6, #W7, #W8, #W9, #W10):  8:30-9:00
Afternoon workshop registration (#W14, #W15, #W16, #W17):  12:30-13:00

4 Leisure ☺

4.1. ReactiveConf Evening Activities

On DAY 1 there are held 5 parties. One of many reasons why partners stands are worth visiting. Visit  MSD, Socialbakers, NanguTV, MEWS, Barclays stand get invited to invite only party.

On Day 2 there are held community hangouts. TBF

4.2. Sightseeing

Thank you our partners we are organizing sightseeing tours during DAY 1 and DAY 2, please approach our volunteers for more information or follow our schedule where you can find more information about our evening activities. 


Prague Castle has been an important symbol of the Czech state for more than a thousand years. It was founded in the 9th century and became the seat of Czech rulers and later presidents. The castle, one of the largest complexes in the world, is made up of historical palaces, offices, church and fortification buildings, gardens, and picturesque spots, such as the famous Golden Lane.



Prague’s oldest bridge was built to replace the Judith Bridge that had been badly damaged by floods in 1342. The Stone, or Prague, Bridge, called Charles Bridge since 1870, was begun in 1357 by Charles IV and was completed in 1402. The bridge is built of sandstone blocks, flanked at each end by fortified towers (Lesser Town Bridge Towers, Old Town Bridge Tower).



The Town Hall was established in 1338 as the seat of the Old Town administration. The oldest part of the complex, consisting of Gothic towers, a bay chapel and rich symbolic décor, dates from the 2nd half of the 14th century. Every hour between 9:00 and 23:00, twelve apostles appear on the famous 15th century Astronomical Clock;



The commercial and administrative centre of the city and the site of important social and historic events. It was created during the founding of New Town by Charles IV in 1348. Today the square is dominated by the National Museum (1885–1891) and the statue of St. Wenceslas from 1912, the work of J. V. Myslbek.



Unquestionably the main landmark of the Žižkov district, at 216 m in height, it’s also the tallest building in the city. With a 360° view, Prague is laid out before your eyes from the viewing platform at 97 m. One entire floor is dedicated to relaxation and above all to top quality gourmet experiences. Open daily 09:00–24:00.

PLEASE NOTE: here is a google map location of this mentioned monuments.

4.3. Local Cuisine Establishments

4.3.1. Lokál Hamburk(mixture)

A magical combination of carefully treated beer and freshly prepared homemade food. The beer is draught straight from the tanks via the shortest route into your pint glass, where it remains fresh until the last sip. Real homemade meals are prepared for you, constantly throughout the day. The cooks prepare classic Czech dishes, using only fresh ingredients and spices sourced from renowned regional suppliers.


4.3.2. T.G.I. Friday’s (Burgers/Grill)

Menu from the USA – tested, grill with an open fire, hamburgers from 200 g pieces of meat, no additives and additions, Lampen brand fries, PRIME CHOICE – prime quality. Specific tastes you cannot get anywhere else. Imported products from the US, specific sauces (like FRANCS HOT SAUCE), spices mixtures and fries–a secret recipe.

TGIF Friday Prague

4.3.3. King Solomon Restaurant (Kosher)

The oldest kosher restaurant in the former Czechoslovakia offers the best of traditional Jewish cuisine of pre-war Central and Eastern Europe.

4.3.4. Veggie Garden (Vegan)
Very nice little bistro, delicious food, biodegradable packaging for takeout and new lunch menus every day.

PLEASE NOTE: here is a google map location of all upper mentioned establishments.

4.4. Cafes

4.4.1. Eska

Restaurant, bakery and café which share common space on the premises of Forum Karlín. The restaurant takes its inspiration from Nordic cuisine. Seemingly ordinary ingredients are transformed beyond recognition through the rediscovery of old techniques.


4.4.2. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café offers traditional American cuisine in a rock’n’roll atmosphere. Apart from food you can check out the award winning drinks list of excellent cocktails.


4.3.3. Café Louvre

The Café Louvre opened in 1902, has always belonged to the first rank of Prague’s cafés. Just like a hundred years ago, the Café Louvre opens as early as eight in the morning, which is rather unusual in today’s Prague, and it is a very popular place for both local inhabitants as well as visitors to the city.

Cafe Louvre

4.4.4 Myšák

This patisserie still keeps its charm and brings you some of the most classic Czech desserts, sweet pastries and complimentary coffee it the heart of Europe.

PLEASE NOTE: here is a google map location of all upper mentioned establishments.

We are here and doing it for you ☺

If you have any questions before the event, please, reach out our concierge through For any questions or feedback during the event, please approach any of our team members or volunteers present at the venue or at the help desk.

Thank you!


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