OCT 30 – NOV 1, 2019 PRAGUE

Join us for this epic journey and discover unlimited opportunities! Become an explorer of the Europe’s most interactive developer’s conference and get to know IT niche for yourself.

Why do we do this?

To us supporting the underrepresented groups matters! We believe in giving back to our community and opening opportunities for new talents. As we are aware of the not flattering situation on the Czech IT labor market, that is similar to the world standards, we decided to open ReactiveConf for one day to individuals who want to become part of the IT universe but need a little encouragement. By this project we want to support institutions, communities, companies, and individuals who have been working day and night on strengthening diversity and competitiveness in IT, break the old myths about IT nerds and show that where there is a will there can be an IT career.


  • will show you the deepest part of the developers’ universe 
  • will give you an opportunity to meet and talk to the inspirational speakers from all around the world
  • will provide you with all the tips and tricks to reach your personal goals 

Don’t wait any longer, apply for your seat in Reactive|Expedition, pack your gear and deep-dive into the future of development with us! 

What is Reactive|Expedition?

It’s all about giving back to our community and opening opportunities for new talents. Whether you are a working mom, an IT student, a young geek, someone who is shifting their career or a teacher helping young talents to explore the developers’ universe, we want to give you a chance to join us for one day at ReactiveConf and learn what our awesome universe is about!

On this adventure, you will get to experience the full day of our conference as well as to get to meet some inspirational speakers such as Necoline Hubner – a great example of passion for her career in the IT universe.

What will you gain?

  • 1-day pass to our conference
  • an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge
  • a possibility to see more of the behind the scenes process
  • a chance to meet and chat with Necoline Hubner and more speakers
  • a chance to get out there and change your career

Who can become one of our explorers?

  • A student
  • A pupil who codes
  • A girl who codes
  • A high schooler thinking about a career in IT
  • A working mom
  • An IT teacher
  • A person shifting their career

Expedition Kit list

  • love for the world of ones and zeros 
  • English on a communication level
  • courage
  • availability at OCT 30

How can you apply?

  1. Apply via this form and get chosen by the ReactiveConf team (We are accepting applications between OCT 2 – OCT 22)
  2. Apply via your membership in the following communities (Application dates may vary, check your community for details)




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