#W14: Multi-Platform React

Jakub Římal

Date & Time

1st November from 13:30 to 16:30


Workshop 14 | Building B

Max audience

16 people


20 €

Sold out



How to get the most from your code. We will show you how to re-use the code between all platforms which support React or React-Native: from the mobile devices, through the web to the big television screens. During the 3 hour workshop, you will setup mono-repo for a multi-platform project, you will know how to correctly split your code and effectively set up the whole environment. Together we will create an application with the right architecture, shared components and you will write code, which will run everywhere.

At the end of the workshop, you will know how to create an application that will run on all platforms and will share most of the code.



Jakub Římal

Jakub Římal is a front-end team leader at nangu.TV who likes technological challenges and enjoys discussions with other devs because he thinks it’s the best way how to reach the best solution possible. At nangu.TV he is responsible for the development of huge multi-platform single-page React/React Native app which shares the most of the code and can run on a lot of web, mobile and TV devices.



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