#W15: Introduction to Realtime GraphQL for React Developers

Marion Schleifer

Date & Time

1st November from 13:30 to 15:30


Workshop 15 | Building B

Max audience

12 people


20 €

Sold out



Developers interested in GraphQL can come to this workshop and learn how to build full-fledged and full-stack React apps with GraphQL using an open-source stack. Unlike your typical GraphQL workshop, this one will also take you through taking care of the backend to fully understand how a Fullstack GraphQL project works, thanks to the open-source Hasura GraphQL Engine that will be used though, you won’t be spending too much time either writing server code and will be able to focus on your React app.

Marion will be covering the following topics:

  • GraphQL basics
  • Introduction to building a GraphQL backend with Hasura
  • Using GraphiQL to explore and test your GraphQL API
  • Setting up a GraphQL client with Apollo
  • Fetching and rendering data in your react app with GraphQL queries
  • Inserting data with GraphQL mutations
  • Updating, deleting data with GraphQL mutations
  • Realtime GraphQL - Building a realtime UI with live-queries over GraphQL subscriptions



Marion Schleifer

Marion is a Developer Experience Engineer at Hasura working closely with the developer community and making sure they have a smooth experience with their GraphQL APIs. She is also a community organizer in Zurich (Switzerland) where she is running several meetups, such as Women Techmakers Switzerland and the GraphQL meetup. She loves bringing people together to talk about technology and to learn new things.



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