#W2: Serverless Slack Apps

Sarup Banskota

Javi Velasco

Date & Time

1st November from 09:00 to 12:00


Workshop 02 | Building SB

Max audience

19 people


20 €

Sold out



What you will learn:

  • Why make a Slack app?
  • Benefits of doing it Serverless
  • We’ll create an actual, useful Slack app
  • We’ll learn to deploy it easily
  • We’ll set it up in a way that teammates can collaborate on it
  • Learn ways to extend it
  • I’ll be driving the workshop, and since it’s up to 20 participants, Javi can help me also go around and make sure everyone is following ok.
  • Tech: Node, Slack API, ZEIT Now



Sarup Banskota

The Marketing Guy at ZEIT. Goes by the motto “make cool things, talk about it, help others, repeat”. Passionate about improving developer experience on the cloud.

Javi Velasco

Javier works as a Fullstack Enginner at ZEIT and he’s the author of React Toolbox, one of the most popular React UI Kits out there that is used by companies such as Netflix, and other OSS projects like React Tunnels or React CSS Themr. He’s passionate about the React ecosystem and Javascript in general, and he loves making the code look like poetry. Last but not least, he’s deeply devoted to his dog.



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