#W7: Code Retreat

Natalia Vokrouhlecká

Rastislav Švarba

Peter Hozák

Date & Time

1st November from 09:00 to 12:00


Workshop 07 | Building B

Max audience

12 people


20 €

Sold out



Have you ever thought about how to improve your programming skills? Do you want to try some fun programming challenges?

If so, you are welcome to join Code Retreat!

Code Retreat is an event aiming to improve software developers’ skills. During the event, we are going to have a few sessions. Each session will bring different challenges. After every session, you will delete your code and start again with fresh new ideas from your new buddy!

We will be focused on clean code, reliable tests, and pair-programming.

The event is made for people programming in various languages and using any framework.

Just come, bring your laptop and have your environment set up to run tests!



Natalia Vokrouhlecká

Natalia is a web developer. She is passionate about teaching children programming and organising workshops for developers.

Rastislav Švarba

Rastislav is a fullstack JavaScript developer. Besides programming, he likes to tinker and try new stuff – with IoT and 3D printing.

Peter Hozák

Peter is a web developer. He likes React Hooks and Yuval Noah Harari’s books.



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